Dog Friendly Backyard Ideas

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Dog Friendly Backyard Ideas. See more ideas about dog friendly garden, dog yard, dog friends. Consider your dog's patterns of movement when placing plants and making walkways deter your dog from digging by using fence, garden stakes or hardware cloth keep delicate plants safe with containers or raised beds

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You want your dog to be safe while playing in the yard, but you also want your landscaping to survive. Some of the key takeaways are: You can love your garden with your dog rather than despite your dog.

See more ideas about dog friendly garden, dog yard, dog friends.

Dog Friendly Backyard Ideas. If you live in a warm climate, make sure your dog can stay cool by adding a water feature to your backyard. Giving your backyard a makeover is a great way to help you and your pup enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during a time when you may not be able to go to the dog park or indulge in a beach bbq as often as you'd like. A small, shallow pool of water placed on the backyard is something you should consider as well. Many dogs naturally snap and bite at insects, and stung doggy lips and tongues are no fun.

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