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Is Backyard One Word. Generally, in english, word phrases function as either nouns or verbs, while compounds function as adjectives. Cuba is the largest island in the caribbean, an area that the united states.

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Scrabble word finder also tells you if there are any words that can be created with backyard. The word backyard uses 8 letters:aabcdkry. Countable noun backyard a backyard is an area of land at the back of a house.

What does back yard mean?

Is Backyard One Word. It's been in use since the 1600s, combining back and yard, from the old english geard, enclosure, garden, or court. The word backyard uses 8 letters:aabcdkry. Economics will not stop europe's politicians complaining when jobs are lost in their own backyard. (colloquial) an area nearby to a country or other jurisidiction's legal boundaries, particularly an area in which the country feels it has an interest.

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