Raising Honey Bees In Your Backyard

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Raising Honey Bees In Your Backyard. Typically, during the first year the bees build up their hive, and if they overwinter well, you can begin harvesting in the late essential tips for backyard hives. Maybe you're interested in wax and honey production as a cottage industry.

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This year we started raising honey bees. Harvesting your own backyard honey sounds like a homesteading dream come true, but is it worth it to start this hobby for yourself? Raising bees is a rewarding activity that helps the environment, grows the bee population and gives you delicious honey all at the same time!

This is a beginners guide to raising honey bees.

Raising Honey Bees In Your Backyard. How to start keeping bees in your backyard. There are many reasons to begin beekeeping. Bees fill the cells with honey and cap them with wax. You don't need to have a flourishing flower bed in your yard, but having a varied garden will help the bees get enough food.

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