Can I Bury My Pet In My Backyard

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Can I Bury My Pet In My Backyard. I buried my first and only pet when i was 7. I am not from texas, but i don't think, unless there is a local ordinance, that anyone would mind, assuming you own the land.

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The hole needs to be about a foot and a half deep, making sure that you. Burying your pet in the backyard (2021. Your pet is part of your family, and you feel at a loss without him or her.

I have 2 in my bakyard right now my dog and my cat.

Can I Bury My Pet In My Backyard. Can i bury my dead pet in my backyard? 27 september 1991 (new york film festival) greece: His name was hopper and he was a rabbit. But if you bring up the subject of a backyard burial today, get ready for some strange looks.

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