Backyard Ice Rink Kits

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Backyard Ice Rink Kits. Thinking of building a backyard ice rink? Building your own personal backyard ice rink is great way to get your family outside having a blast during the cold winter months.

D1 Backyard Rinks – Synthetic Ice, Basement or Backyard … from

Create your backyard ice rink with nicerink's unique outdoor ice products & accessories. Best backyard ice rink kit comparison table. Visit our website for more information today!

The size of our ice rink is 36' x 46', more then enough room for our family of 5 to ice skate on!

Backyard Ice Rink Kits. The best choice for backyard ice rink kits. First things first, you're going to need long cold winters (sorry florida). After building these things from scratch for the past 30 something years, i'm convinced buying a kit is the wait, what does an ice rink kit have to do with making the ice quality better? Anton strålman's home synthetic ice rink!

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