How To Grow Corn In Your Backyard

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How To Grow Corn In Your Backyard. It is a crop that holds the promise of great rewards, but is subject to the whims of weather, animals, and gardener's folly. How to grow sweet corn.

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How to grow lots of sweet corn in your garden even if you have a small backyard! Growing corn in your garden is easy, but it does take a long time to grow. Most backyard gardeners don't plant sweet corn alongside their tomatoes and zucchinis, but with proper care, space and growing conditions, sweet corn can thrive in a backyard garden.

My grandparents used to grow corn when they were in the farming business in arkansas.

How To Grow Corn In Your Backyard. Unlike standard corn, which can grow stalks 10 feet or taller, dwarf types usually only. A good blast of wind can flatten a corn requires lots of nitrogen, so this need should be addressed with fertilizer prior to planting. Sweet corn is a member of the grass family. Identify the best possible area in your garden that sufficiently draws sunlight and doesn't run the risk of losing moisture to other plants in its surroundings.

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