How To Raise Goats In Your Backyard

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How To Raise Goats In Your Backyard. Before buying your goats, consider how much land you have to raise livestock on, paying particular attention to existing fences. To raise happy, healthy goats, you will need room in your backyard for a goat pen and a goat house, as well as storage space for the how much room you need will depend on how many goats you will house.

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A small backyard barn is an ideal shelter for a goat or two. Is your plan to raise goats for breeding stock? It is better and advisable that you should put no more than four goats on an acre of land.

Goats can be raised in the cities and suburbs.

How To Raise Goats In Your Backyard. Not only do they have more personality than any other farm animal, they are also the best utility animals on my farm. To raise goats, the first thing that you must do is build a pen to hold your goats. What raising goats requires… check regulations in your area. Each goat should have ample floor space for sleeping, generous space at the feeding trough.

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