Backyard Ice Rink Resurfacer

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Backyard Ice Rink Resurfacer. Makes a beautifully smooth ice surface with very little effort; • how to build a backyard ice rink.

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Water control valve included on the handle! Nicerink is the world's leading manufacturer of outdoor ice rink liners, resurfacers and resurfacing accessories for portable ice skating as well as backyard hockey rinks. Simply enter your desired rink size.

This product is used for ice rink resurfacing.

Backyard Ice Rink Resurfacer. Make a home made ice resurfacer with it! Makes ice like glass, in less time, less water and less hassle than just the hose. The ultimate rink flooder ice resurfacing and smoothing tool is like your own mini zamboni. I'm getting a backyard ice rink and can't pay for a $200 ice resurfacer.

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