Barney & The Backyard Gang Three Wishes

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Barney & The Backyard Gang Three Wishes. This series launched the pbs television show, barney & friends. When the backyard gang can't agree on how to spend their day, barney the dinosaur provides three wishes to help them decide what to do for fun.

Barney & the Backyard Gang Three Wishes Rare 1991/1992 VHS … from

Barney, as a genie, grants everyone in the backyard gang three wishes and they go on many far out adventures. A day at the beach (1991 version). This almost happened to baby bop in imagination island.

A day at the beach (1991 version).

Barney & The Backyard Gang Three Wishes. Sheryl leach, kathy parker, the backyard gang. It was uploaded on july 19, 2017. Hope y'all list:barney & the backyard gang theme song 1:23do your ears hang low 4:15i love you 6:08london town 9:40teddy bear 11:01mr. Best barney & the backyard gang from barney & the backyard gang the backyard show vhs.

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