Retaining Wall Ideas For Backyard

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Retaining Wall Ideas For Backyard. Skimming through backyard retaining wall ideas, these photos also use wood as the main material for retaining fences. There are many landscaping ideas for sloping hills that create beautiful outdoor living spaces and enhance house design while increasing home values.

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While they involve hard, heavy and dirty work, retaining walls are a totally doable diy project. To make one section of wall that is 3m long x 400mm high, you'll need two 200 x 50mm x 3m sleepers and at least one 200 x 75mm x 2.4m sleeper.use. The retaining wall group came out to our house and gave us lots of ideas about how we could best use our backyard space as we are on a sloping block.

Use these to support steps.

Retaining Wall Ideas For Backyard. Backyard with retaining wall and manmade oak tree. Backyard rock garden, retaining wall idea retaining wall. Retaining wall projects for backyards. So what does a retaining wall do?

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