Backyard Bocce Ball Court

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Backyard Bocce Ball Court. A regulation bocce ball playing surface measures 13 feet wide by 91 feet long, which is longer than most backyards. Families, clubs and leagues, schools, park and recreation departments, senior centers and retirement facilities.

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Forget retirement, i want this in my yard. Additional rounds are played until one team reaches a set point total. Information about planning and installing a bocce ball court in the backyard.

Bocce is played by tossing different sized balls around the court and calculating points.

Backyard Bocce Ball Court. According to wikipedia, bocce originated in italy and bocce is the plural in the united states, it's a little more difficult to find actual courts like the ones in the second picture of this step (a public domain image from wikipedia). Bocce ball court in the garden. After throwing around some ideas, we landed on a bocce court, and we. A regulation bocce court size is 76' long by 10' wide.

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