The Great Backyard Bird Count

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The Great Backyard Bird Count. The best part about the great backyard bird count is that it doesn't matter whether this is your first time birding or if you've been birding seven days a week since the day you were born. Read the guidelines in the pinned post.

#FeedtheBirds: Mark your calendars for #GBBC, The Great … from

2008 • the gbbc records movements of. The great backyard bird count helps ornithologists keep tabs on bird populations around the globe. The gbbc asks participants, or citizen scientists rather, to simply observe birds and record the species and how many of each species they see during a period of at least 15 minutes.

Bird watchers and conservationists rejoice!

The Great Backyard Bird Count. May be cold this weekend.but you can count from yiur window.inside where its warm! February 27, 2012 posted by: • patterns of migration pine siskin pine siskins showed up in backyards and at feeders all over the piedmont in 2009. The great backyard bird count (gbbc) is a community science project in ornithology.

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