Barney And The Backyard Gang Doll

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Barney And The Backyard Gang Doll. Barney & the backyard gang is a home video series produced from 1988 to 1991. The original dakin doll with a white strip to represent teeth.

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Barney & the backyard gang. My backyard gang barney doll. This series launched the stardom of the pbs television show barney & friends.

Barney by fuzzyaliens on deviantart.

Barney And The Backyard Gang Doll. I don't own anything barney and backyard gang or any other barney entities such people own. The series made more than $3.5 million. Barney and the backyard gang doll dakin. Taped at the majestic theatre, barney and the backyard gang along with a new friend baby bop sing classic songs and dance along.

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