Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

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Best Backyard Chicken Breeds. Everyone wants to own the best backyard chickens! The best chicken breeds for egg color.

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Any of the breeds listed above are fantastic for a small flock. Hens that are egg laying specialists are ideal for those have no plans to consume the chicken after it has passed peak ornamental chicken breeds may not come to mind when considering what to add to your backyard flock. Interestingly, some chicken breeds with black feathers have white meat while certain breeds with white feathers have black meat.

We believe that best backyard chicken breeds exactly should look like in the picture.

Best Backyard Chicken Breeds. When starting a backyard flock, it's important to choose breeds that are hearty for your type of weather and known for their egg production. Want the best of farming my backyard's chicken wisdom compiled into one easy to read source? It seems every hatchery has its own term. All 10 breeds are not only popular, they are recommended breeds for new chicken owners for reasons varying from laying a good number of eggs to ease of.

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