Barney And The Backyard

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Barney And The Backyard. The backyard show (1991 version). The series focused on a purple tyrannosaurus rex named barney , and a group of kids known as the backyard gang , and the adventures they take, through their imaginations.

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Music for the barney and the backyard gang videos. Barney in concert vhs barney & the backyard gang songs rhymes. Taped at the majestic theatre, barney and the backyard gang along with a new friend baby bop sing classic songs and dance along.

All eight videos from the barney & the backyard gang series:

Barney And The Backyard. A day at the beach. This series launched the pbs television show, barney & friends. Music for the barney and the backyard gang videos was created by stephen bates baltes and phillip parker, and lory lazarus the first three episodes from 1988 and 1989 include american actress sandy duncan as michael and amy's mother. Barney the backyard gang the backyard show instrumental soundtrack.

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