Backyard Bocce Ball Rules

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Backyard Bocce Ball Rules. Each frame is complete once all balls have been official rules list a score of 12 needed to win, but teams can agree at the beginning of the game to play a backyard bocce ball court can be marked off on a patch of lawn. ˈbɔttʃe), sometimes anglicized as bocce ball, bocci or boccie, is a ball sport belonging to the boules family, closely related to british bowls and french pétanque.

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Bocce ball is a game somewhat similar to outdoor bowling. If you're beguiled by bocce's seductive charms and want to bring the game home, here are eight elements of design and construction to know before planning your own backyard bocce court. Bocce (/ˈbɒtʃi/, or /ˈbɒtʃeɪ/, italian:

A player from team 1 throws the pallino toward the opposite end of the playing.

Backyard Bocce Ball Rules. Basic rules of bocce ball. According to wikipedia, bocce originated in italy and bocce is the plural of the italian word boccia, which translates as bowl. A form of outdoor bowling, this sport has simple requirements A bocce ball set can be purchased at a local sporting goods store, such as dick's sporting goods.

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