How To Make A Ice Rink In Your Backyard

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How To Make A Ice Rink In Your Backyard. Or perhaps an outdoor area that would allow you to enjoy nice weather? How to make an ice rink in your back yard;

12 Tips for How to Build an Ice Rink in Your Backyard … from

Turning your backyard into a rink is actually a lot easier than it seems — if you have the right tools. With ez ice you can build a skating rink in your backyard in under an hour. The size of our ice rink is 36' x 46', more then enough room for our family of 5 to ice skate on!

Want to build your own rink?

How To Make A Ice Rink In Your Backyard. • how to build a backyard ice rink. I've been making a rink in my yard for over 20 years. This video shows how to make a backyard ice rink and. They make custom sizes in any increments of 5 ft, starting at a tiny 5ft x 5ft rink.

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